John C. Versteeg Picture Gallery

Rogue's Gallery

I really do not know why anyone would want to look at any pictures of me, but if you want to, here are a few of the better ones
If you want to see some of my partners in crime, check out my accomplices page.

me sitting
2001, Would you trust this face?

To everything there is a time and a place. In this case, to make life easier for everyone, except me, the pictures are broken down by time periods. The two exceptions are the friends page and the family pictures page. The friends page does not have any pictures of me, so it is MUCH safer to visit than the other pages.

The Snoopy Seventies (1968-1979)

The Big Eighties (1980-1989)

The X-Gen Ninties (1990-1999)

The millinium change (2000-present)

With a little help from my friends

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, let me show you my family

I pray Thee, oh God, that I may be beautiful within.

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