2015: Where Have You Been?

Perhaps it would be better to ask where have WE been? It is now January 2016, and I still have not written my Christmas update... for 2013!. Where should I start?

To be honest, we have not had any major life changes in three years, other than growing a bit older. We have visited Texas a few times to see Kathy's family and my college roomate's family. We have been up to Maine a few times, and enjoyed sitting and staring out at the calm water behind my sister's house next to Togus Pond with my parents and family. We spent a lovely anniversary weekend up in Northern NH. Bottom line, life has been good, but quiet.

I am enjoying working at The Academy of Notre Dame as a high school teacher. It always amazes me how wonderful the girls are and what generous listeners and dedicated students they are, well most of the time. It is an absolute privilege to be a small part of their journey towards greatness. I am also very pleased with the new administration which started in the fall of 2014. This year, I am teaching physics, geometry, statistics, and financial math. In addition, I am the junior class adviser, the yearbook adviser and the official high school photographer. I am scheduled to chaperon the students on a trip to Italy this spring, which I am very much looking forward to. I have never been outside of North America before and look forward to the opportunity to see ancient cities and architecture. I have always been fascinated with old fortifications and can't wait to take pictures of them first hand. I even bought a new Cannon G5X camera for the trip. It is a great little camera and has been a wonderful addition since Thanksgiving.

Last summer, I was the director of the week-long summer science camp at NDA, which I very much enjoyed. It is very different teaching elementary kids versus the young ladies I usually teach in high school. You can find a video of me doing the mentos soda experiment on the school facebook page. Search for July 27, 2015. I have started getting my masters of education at Framingham State University and am half way through the program with a straight A average (ok, I had one A-).

Kathy is still working as a contract computer based training designer and really likes working with her primary client.

We still enjoy our Merrimack condo and taking day trips throughout New Hampshire. Peterboro is still our favorite destination. This summer we also ventured into the lakes country and loved that as well. One of our favorite new traditions is going to a Thanksgiving buffet at Alpine Grove, which is a local banquet facility. The picture at the top was taken with my new camera after Thanksgiving, and, yes, it was a selfie.

Like I said, not much new to tell. We both hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas season and we wish you an amazing 2016 filled with happiness and pleasant surprises all year long.


John and Kathy Versteeg

"Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans."
-Allen Saunders

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